Week 21 – Almost there

I was reviewing my notes from back when I first embarked on this journey and came across this :

“Under Stress, people will do : What they like to do; Know how to do
  • But mostly they will do what’s comfortable & familiar.
In other words, people will do the same behavior that got them into their situation in the 1st place.  It’s because our achievement level is determined before we even begin.  That’s because thoughts, charged with feelings gives us our beliefs, which leads to our action and thereby our results.
The secret of all power, all achievement & all possession depends on our method of thinking.  This is true because we must BE before we can DO and we can DO only to the extent which we ARE and what we ARE depends on what we THINK.”
What had me want to begin this MMK journey was my desire to learn how to break free of my limiting behavior.  I knew that my thoughts were generating my results but I wasn’t aware of how I behaved under stress.
This week has been very stressful and I’m glad I came across the above because the familiar and comfortable behavior are right there for me.
What there is for me to do is persist, because I win. I am nature’s greatest miracle. I am unique and this day will be lived as if it is my last. I send love to each and every person, event, incident and occurrence that comes before me. And most important is I DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!

Week 20 – Procrastination is destroyed with…

One of the things that I’ve been able to see and feel really good about is how much I am getting done. It’s amazing to me how much impact reading these scrolls have on my behavior. In the beginning, I didn’t see the value, then it just became habit, even when I was really sleepy, I would read them, eyes would be burning & my brain would be saying, sleep now, no one will know. I resisted the temptation because my word to myself is all that I have. Now, I look forward to reading the scrolls and making sure that I’ve set my day up to get in my readings.  A simple thing has became a significant thing with a big impact.

The other thing I’ve notice is how I wait until the last minute to write my blog post, so now I will just write as the days come because there are some interesting things happening that I could write about but by the time Friday comes I would have forgotten all the things I wanted to say & just write what was there but at the end of a long week, there would be much there besides “veg” out time.

It’s the weekend, yay but it doesn’t end I have several things on my to do list. Living each day as if it’s my last is busy, lol.

Week 18 – Long Days Short Nights

I don’t have much to report, just checking in. The week has been very productive.  I’ve done two interviews for separate jobs and the one that I thought I would like to have did  not pan out but the one that I was hesitant about I am being considered and the weird thing is this is the work that I really want to do but I was looking at the money the other opportunity would bring.

Now I share this to say the more I think about this job the more I realize it’s the unfoldment of all the work that I’ve been doing for these last 18 weeks that I has been presented before me.  I persist, I win because I am the world’s greatest miracle.

Week 17 – A Little Bit of Kindness

This week I am in California, the home of road rage and a little bit of kindness definitely has gone a long way.  I lived in New York; thereby, thought I was ready for traffic boy was I wrong. There is so much of it and it seems as if everyone is in a hurry to go no where.  So I am smiling a lot, sending love, being love, and enjoying life and this trip.